26th – 27th October 2022, Crowne Plaza, Nairobi

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations in conjunction with the Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry is pleased to host the IFPMA Ethics & Business Integrity Days.

The IFPMA Ethics & Business Integrity Days consist of one full day Code Capacity Building Workshop, followed by a half day Stakeholder Outreach Forum. 

The Code Capacity Workshop is a hands-on, interactive training on the current IFPMA Code of Practice, facilitated by local, regional, and international IFPMA experts.

The Stakeholder Outreach Forum aims to engage in a broad discussion about the progress and the future of ethics & business integrity in Kenya and beyond.

8.30am - 5.30pm Code Capacity Building Workshop


The workshop is designed to provide “business case” exposure to participants on day-to-day topics, including:

  • How to properly interact with healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc) for promotional and medical information sharing
  • How to set up and run a successful compliance program in your organization
  • How to ethically interact with patient organizations
  • How to create promotional material and write/approve copies and artwork
  • How to determine promotional methods including professional representation, hospitality to Healthcare Professionals and the use of audio-visual related communication technologies in the organization of educational events
  • How to ethically use frontier technologies in healthcare (AI, genome editing, etc)
  • How to increase the level of ethical conduct of activities in your organization

Participants will receive an update on the IFPMA Code and the respective interpretation – trainers are keen to engage and exchange with the audience on local implementation.


Who should attend?

  • Anybody within a biopharmaceutical company who is responsible for medical or commercial activities with HCPs and or HCOs, who supports the business with the interpretation of current local or global standards or who is part of the review or approval process for these activities
  • Ethics & Compliance professionals
  • Medical and scientific advisors and directors
  • Personnel responsible for the development and certification of promotional materials
  • Sales and marketing representatives
  • General managers
  • In-house counsels and other related staff
  • Representatives from national/regional pharmaceutical trade associations

8.30am - 2.00pm Stakeholder Outreach Forum


This half-day forum aims to engage stakeholders to join forces to move ahead.  The focus is on how trust in health authorities and healthcare professionals is paramount in implementing a fully efficient healthcare system.

The forum is designed as a roundtable discussion between various invited stakeholders.  Other participants are welcome as observers and can engage in the Q&A session.

Round table participants will address the progress that Kenya has made in raising its standards in the ethics and business integrity space, which is contributing to IFPMA’s goal to create a level playing field in the market.


Who should attend?

  • Government officials
  • Medical societies
  • Patient organizations
  • Academia
  • Representatives from biopharmaceutical companies and national/regional pharmaceutical trade associations (Compliance professionals, General Managers, in-house counsels, and other related staff)